Multiple seperate grid wide filters

Hi,   For a DataGrid2 I am trying to create 2 seperate grid-wide filers next to each other. I use a snippet with 2 dropdowns inside the DataGrid2, above the columns. I added the attributes to the filter-list, but the 2 dropdowns both show all results in stead of the results from 1 attribute each.   In the screenshot below you can see all the values in the dropdown of the second filter, but I only want "Ja" or "Nee" as options to show there. The others should only be choosable from the left dropdown.   Doe anybody have an idea of how to implement this?   Thanks in advance
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Hi Sigrid , 

You can use reference selector widget . This widget has selectable objects option and you can change the selectable items based on your Microflow / XPath  . You can also check this link : 

Reference Selector | Mendix Documentation