Why is the Drag and Drop(Updated) Too Slow?

Hello, I'm using Drag and Drop(Updated) Widget.   It fits every functions I want, but it's tooooooooo slow.   My Situation is... Retrieve About 200 objects from DB Object has only 2 attr - name : str(20) - value : integer   I already checked that the Retrieve Operation Ends very quickly (about less than 1s) But When I set this operation as a data source of the drag and drop, the browser is stopped (for loading & rendering drag and drop widgets) for about 10 sec. Furthermore, when i drag a widget, it reacts after 1sec....   I wonder is there anything i misunderstanding about this widget.  (I think this situation happended because the widget is toooo heavy. My Browser is also very slow when I render and see this widget in browser.) Is there any way to optimize this widget?     -----   Because of my company security policy, I cannot upload images here. The Widget Setting is Like this.   JSON Widget Json State -> name property of the WrapperEntity (exist only one for set this option0)   Actions : Nothing     Datas and UUIDs Unique Container Name : unique-container Isparent Container -> Yes Data : Data Retrieve NF (Consume less than 1s) Sort On -> value Sort ASC -> Asc Display As Col : Yes   Disable Drag : No Unique Iteration : Name    
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