Image is displaying in Local but not in development environment Line

I am using Carousel widget to display images in banner. Images are displaying in local but not in Cloud Environment. When I debug ,Image ID is retrieved correctly in all the environments. While using browser inspect ,I came to know that in the img src ,guid is empty when running in Cloud environment.   <img alt="TEST" src="**;guid=&amp;time=1712148432607">   ** confidential data When testing in local I am having guid as imageID , So it is working fine. Does anyone have idea about why this guid is not getting fetched.    
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Are the images added in an image collection (via StudioPro) or were they added as objects in de application?

Files uploaded in the app will be stored in a folder structure and the reference is stored in the database (file entity). If you for example backup and restore a database, without the actual files, you will indeed still have a reference in your app, but the actual file is missing. 

So in your cloud environment, you may need to upload the files (again).