AnyChart Configuration JSON / locale not applied

Hi, I'm using the configuration JSON below to apply the formatting of days/weeks/years on the x-axis in a timeseries AnyChart widget, but it looks like the widget is not picking up any. I've used this configuration before without issues, but now it's not applying the configuration. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?   For example:  changing "displayModeBar" works, but changing anything from the 'nl' object is not applied in the chart.   { "displaylogo": false, "displayModeBar": false, "locale": "nl", "locales": { "nl": { "dictionary": { "Download plot as a png": "Opslaan als PNG" }, "format": { "date": "%d-%m-%Y", "datetime": "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M", "dayMonth": "%d %b", "dayMonthYear": "%d %b %Y", "days": [ "zondag", "maandag", "dinsdag", "woensdag", "donderdag", "vrijdag", "zaterdag" ], "month": "%b %Y", "months": [ "januari", "februari", "maart", "april", "mei", "juni", "juli", "augustus", "september", "oktober", "november", "december" ], "shortDays": [ "zon", "maa", "din", "woe", "don", "vri", "zat" ], "shortMonths": [ "jan", "feb", "maa", "apr", "mei", "jun", "jul", "aug", "sep", "okt", "nov", "dec" ], "year": "%Y" } } }, "modeBarButtonsToRemove": [ "sendDataToCloud", "lasso2d", "select2d", "hoverClosestCartesian", "hoverCompareCartesian", "toggleSpikelines" ] }  
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