Pie chart series

Hello, I am using Pie chart widget from chart. Is there any way to remove series from chart?  I am using mendix version 9.24.16.
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If I understand you correctly, your scenario is something like this.

In the pie by default you are showing 3 pieces (A,B,C). But you want to be able to dynamically show only AB or AC?

What you could do is place the Chart in a DataView of an entity where you are able to select these values ABC or any combination. On your Pie your series Data Source could be Xpath and you can constrain you data using references to $CurrentObject

Please refer to the Charts Widget section of the documentation (and marketplace reference) for more information (incl. Cheat sheet) or the more flexible alternative Any Chart


Hi Sidheshwari Devkar,


Open the Piechart widget and set 'Show Legend' to 'No' in the chart properties so that the series is not displayed.



This is the output.