How to make a bar graph with rounded bars using anychart?

I am trying to create a bar chart using anychart with rounded bar corners similar to the image below:   According to I can use barcornerradius to achieve this. But reading the github release notes about plotly.js here: That functionality was added to v2.29.0. However, the AnyChart widget uses plotly.js 1.51.2 ( I have tried to use barcornerradius just to test, and as expected it does not work.   My question is, how can I create a bar chart using the AnyChart widget without rebuilding the widget itself? Has anyone done it before? I would really appreciate some advice on how I can go about it.   I could rebuild the widget as suggested by these posts:   But I am not an advanced Mendix developer yet and have not yet learned how to do that.  
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