Need to create a dashed-line chart using Chart widget.

Hi Community, I have tried to implement customization of line chart through the chart widget. The process I followed is: 1. Picked up the line chart widget from the toolbox. 2. Provided data-source and filled up rest of the necessary fields (Here, I selected multiple series.) 3. Run the application. I have tried to put the custom code in "Advanced" section of "Edit Series Item". Unfortunately, it didn't work.   I enabled developer mode from General section in Line-Chart widget and executed the same code through "Toggle Editor" in the application.  It worked then.   The code I used is: { "mode": "lines",  "line": {       "dash": "dash"    } }   Is there anything else I need to do, please let me know.
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According to the documentation, the mode and line configuration should indeed be added in the Advanced configuration of the series, as you did.


Data/Series Properties - Lines


Perhaps you need to change the line style to custom?