Microflow timer seems to be broken in latest Mendix version

Hi,   After migrating our project from Mendix version 10.9.0 to 10.10.0, the microflow timer seems to stop working. We use it in combination with a DataGrid to recheck if the data has changed through a nanoflow and update if needed.   Copied the nanoflow and added a show message activity between. This is only triggerd once at rendering of the page. If we do this with the old project (v10.9) this message appears ~1 second after we made a change on the dataset.   Btw, cannot choose the right studio pro version, because higher than 10.6.1 isn't in the drop down options.. :O 
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That is definitely strange and maybe worth a Mendix support ticket. You could also look at the new Events Widget that is basically the newly platform supported replacement for the Microflow Timer widget as a workaround.