how to pass attribute from entity to javascript snippets

hi team , i have non persistable entity in domain model . in that entity i have attribute called 'AppUrl' . now i have data view and inside that data view i have javascript snippet . i have return the object from a microflow and i add that microflow as a data source to that data view. Now  i want to pass or use the attribute inside my javascript snippet how i can use it ?  
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Hi Pratham,

I am not sure, how you can achieve this, but there's a workaround

you can add a dataview where your javascript snippet is, and put it's datasource as Nanoflow, in the nanoflow you can call a JS action.

Just create a JS action, that expects a string, and manipulate it however you want.

Now, in the nanoflow, JS will expect a string, you can pass the string in the JS action through parameter you will get from your parent dataview.

I hope this helps you find a solution.

Kindly accept the answer, if it helps! :)