how to use LLAMA2 connector widget

hi team , i want to integrate mendix with LLAMA2 . how i can use LLAMA2 connector widget ? In there documentation it is suugest to get api key from deepinfra so I have to purchase the deepinfra api for this ? Also i face issue during configuration and also face issue in there example LLAMA2 widget .    Please suggest some approach how i can integrate LLAMA2 in mendix     
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Correct, you need a DeepInfra's API for this: From the DeepInfra's website, "you get $1.80 when you sign up. After you use it up you have to add a card or pre-pay."


The widget's documentation contains the following disclaimer:

"Invoking DeepInfra's API incurs costs whereas the use of the LLaMa 2 connector is free."


What sort of issues are you facing?


After adding the API Key, you should be good to go. The widget's documentation contains the steps to get started.

They also provide an example you can download.


Hope this helps.


Hi João Lopes , when i am able to access this prompt overview page in my Home page but when i enter prompt then nothing happens response is not visible  . I am stuck on this step . I have added my API also from the deepinfra.





please tell me how i can access this prompt page ?