Changing widget validation message login screen

Hi, I'm encountering an issue with validation messages on the login page. In the nanoflow "ACT_Login", I have configured a "validation feedback" action for both the "username" and "password" fields. Within the activity, I specified to display a message when a field is left empty. However, when I click on the login button without filling in either the username or password fields, I receive a validation message in English stating that the username and password are incorrect. Similarly, if I fill in the username but leave the password field empty, I receive the same error message stating "Username and password are incorrect". How can I ensure that my custom actions are triggered for each field, displaying the specified validation message, and that the system responds accordingly to empty fields?
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Hi Iqbal, is the Sign In button your own button, refering to the nanoflow, or is it the specific Login button widget from the authentication set?


If you have your own nanoflow, you can just verify the parameters and add a decision in the flow if the fields are filled. If not, show the validation feedback.