Datagrid 2 (Datawidgets version 2.18.0) default value question

Hi,   I'm using a drop down filter widget in the datagrid 2 (datawidgets version 2.18.0) to filter items over association.  I've set up the column of the datagrid 2 with a reference to the associated entity. It shows all the options and the filter is working.   My question: The drop down filter widget also has a default value option. Does anyone know if this works with multi select over association? I cannot get it to work.  I'm looking to pre-select one or multiple options based on a parameter that i'm passing to the page where the datagrid 2 is on.    Any help is greatly appreciated.     
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Any chance you can add some screenshots?

The pre-selection you want is only for the filter? If so, you may need to run some kind of helper entity to store the filter values.