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Hi, I am receiving below error in mail configuration after finshing setting up my gmail account.   535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. For more information, go to535 5.7.8 d9443c01a7336-1f0999c686dsm8647465ad.273 - gsmtp     This application is being deployed on Mendix cloud. The application is supposed to send mail on organisation outlook ail ids. when I was using my official outlook id for configuration, i was able to configure it. But due to security reasons, I was not able to send mail on different outlook ids as that is accessing outlook host of my organisation which is not providing it permission to access. So I tried to do that with mygmail id. It is throwing error. Pls help what should be done. 
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Hi Kirti Kushwah,


If you want to use your gmail account you need to set a password for your application. You can do that by going to and then under ‘Sign in to google’ you can set up this. Make sure in you Mx app you then use the specific password in the configuration of your email server. 


Hope this helps!


K. Ravi Kumar