how to use drop down filter using enum in microflow

as shown in the picture, i am using a microflow "GetOrCreate" status of a request in the status column. is there a way to filter those status?   version 10.8.1  
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Hi Yahya,

Maybe: The filter will be added to the XPath constraint, executed as a query to your database. So, it depends on which attribute you linked the column with custom content to. If the CTRequestStatus can be retrieved via association as well, I don't understand why you would need a datasource microflow. Couldn't you just put the attribute there?

A possible alternative would be to store the current status persistently in the database and link the column to that attribute.

In general, I would not recommend doing any datasource microflow inside grids/lists/galleries for performance reasons. Instead, retrieve data over association or prepare the data upfront in additional attributes.

Sometimes, you need to revisit the grid and think: is the chosen entity the right one? In this example: not sure if it would make more sense to take the CTRequestStatus as main entity.

If this didn't help, please share parts of your domain model: how are IncidentReport and CTRequestStatus related?

Good luck!



Maybe a workaround with Enumeration to String through Decision activity will do the job if your ENUM has few outcomes

Screenshot 2024-05-21 100617.png