creating a single filter for multiple data grids

I have an entity with about 40 columns.   I have 3 separate data grids on the same page.   each of the 3 data grids is pointing to the same exact entity.   While the entity has a few thousand rows, the data grids grids are only showing 1 row.    I am trying to create 1 filter that will be able to filter all 3 separate data grids at the same time.   the attribute I want to filter is a string.   it is a unique value with no duplicates, it is the key that will allow me to give row level detail on that unique identifier.   ideally, I can have 1 filter at the top of the 3 data grids that would filter the 3 data grids.   all of the data is in the same entity, and I do not need to do any calculation on any of the attributes.   I just need to pull in the row level details as is  
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Hi Timothy,

You can visit my blog, there I have explained how to build a custom filter,


You can use this approach to get your requirement achieved,

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try using below  widgets


Else you will have to build a custom filter with the help of a NPE.