filtering multiple widgets (bar charts, line charts, KPI blocks) using a drop-down, when the widgets are pulling from different microflows/entities

I have a page that has 6 graphs, that consists of bar charts and line charts. each graph is pulling from a different microflow, and each microflow is pulling in data from a different non-persistable entity   The page also has 5 KPI blocks at the top and 5 filters below the blocks.   these blocks and filters all pull from the same microflow, and the 10 attributes exist in the same entity.  right now, the filters only work on these KPI blocks.   while in totality I am working with 7 entities that are non non-persistable, the actual source entity or persistable entity that is feeding the data to these 7 entities is the same exact entity.   I am trying to have these filters work on all of the visuals and data on the page.   each of the 5 filters exists in the persistable entity as an enumeration.      any help is appreciated
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If my understanding is right, I think you can create a persistent entity including all filters as columns in it. And then you can create after commit event on the entity to call the MF as you charts data source. of course there are some data handing processes in your MF to fetch your data.