Export CSV in UTF-8 BOM

Hi, Im using the XLSReport module to export file in CSV, the problem is that the file when i open in notepad++ is appears ok, but when i open it in excel some special caracter have trouble,i investigate and i believe that the problem is the encoder, so i need a way to encode the file in UTF-8 BOM. i also try using the simple export button in datagrid, but this comes with Quotation Character("), and try the CSV module but this reorder the columns that is not desirable. how can i fix it??? tank you
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Hi Duval,


This fix is a bit time-consuming, but might be your best bet. Use the CSV module and rename the attributes with Column01Name, Column02… etc. The module exports the attributes in alphabetical order. Use a nonperistable entity to actually export with these names. That way, the data you export stays clean. Not sure if the other modules let you change the encoding