Widget upgrade path from mendix 9 to 10

Hey Community, we do have a custom widget which have been developed with Mendix 9.24 and the generator tools version 9.24.1. We have upgraded Mendix to version 10.6 and the widget still works as expected. However when we run a new build of the widget without changes the widget won't render anymore. which is kinda strange. How come the widget still works as-is but not anymore after rebuilding?   The solution would probably be updating the widget generator tools and the all potential errors coming from that, but I'm mainly interested if this might cause future issues if we don't imediatly upgrade the widget, since it seems to work currently. Any hints/clues about the internals or tips for moving forward?
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Hi Arie!


This is indeed annoying. No, you will not encounter issues because of this. I have encountered this numerous times. Only when wanting to update the widget code you should use the newest version of the build tools.


On occasion I even downgrade the widget tools again to save time in fixing a widget. Of course not best practice but a well throdden path ;)