Drag and Drop widget behaving as if it had ClickLock

Hi, Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the Drag and Drop widget (https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/116604) where clicking and holding on the draggable object doesn't start the drag action? I'm finding that I have to click and release the mouse button to start the drag action, and then click and release again on the drop area to drop the item. It's behaving as if ClickLock is enabled, a feature of Windows machines which I wasn't aware of until now and that I don't thing affects how web apps behave anyway, but it seems to describe exactly what's happening.   This issue started a few weeks ago and I've verified it occurs on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Interestingly, when toggling the device toolbar from Chrome's dev tools, the issue is resolved and the dragging action behaves normally with a click+hold-drag-release action. The viewport can even be the same dimensions as when the device toolbar is not toggled, and the issue is still resolved. We haven't updated the widget, and it hasn't had any new releases since 2022. My clients are also experiencing this behavior, and it's significantly impacting usability. For reference, I'm using Mendix Studio Pro version 10.6.7.   To troubleshoot, I've branched out an older release of the app from when this was working fine, and the issue persists there as well.   Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks, Raul
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