Issue with getEntity() function in Mendix 9.24.18, how can I resolve it?

I recently imported a new widget inside of test app in order to have some multiple select functionality as with my data grids. The widget seems to be working but every time it is used (i.e. every time a row in the data grid is selected) then I get the same error in my console. I know that the custom widget that I am using was built with Mendix 7 so there but that shouldn't be an issue since both 7 and 9 have the getEntity() function. I am struggling to find what the problem is since I checked the Mendix 9 client documentation and the getEntity() function appears to be here. Here is the link I checked: Mendix 9 Client Documentation: Class: mendix/lib/MxMetaObject .   Here are some screenshots of what I am seeing: 
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