Uploading of multiple images at once

Hello everyone! In my app there is a possibility of creating the 'Project' object and then editing it on page called 'Project_NewEdit'. There're such entities as: 'project', 'screenshot', 'screenshot_helper - NPE'The user can upload the logo and screenshots for each project (while creating it or editing). So recently i've encountered the following issue: i needed widget for uploading multiple screenshots at a time so i used 'FileDropper' widget,however when i upload the image it's commited to the database immediately (before button 'save' is pressed). Thus i cannot undo these unnecessary commits just by pressing button 'cancel' in the bottom of the 'Project_NewEdit' page.I tried to solve that by creating microflow (that is attached to 'cancel' button), where i rollback all changes. Also i created NPE (Screenshot_helper) where 'FileId' attributes are stored (they are the same as in 'Screenshot' entity), it enables me to cancel newly added screenshots by deleting the screenshots that have the same FileId as screenshots,but for that i needed to create the list view (based on 'Screenshot_Helper') on 'Project_NewEdit' and make it invisible, in order to refer to my NPE object (Screenshot_helper), otherwise that object would be empty. That approach (adding invisible list view) is in my opinion not quite right. So i would be pleased to hear from our communityhow to dodge these unnecessary commits of images when the user just uploads them I'm using studio pro 10.9.0
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Hi Yaroslav,


The FileDropper Widget has in the Tab -> Data the option to not save automatically. Its called Auto save



If its still gets commited then try to call a microflow on the cancel button.

in this Button retrieve the Files of this project and then delete all of them.


Hope this helps