Where is jsonData?

I'm not sure how to make progress as everything i've done leads to dead ends.   Today i've been trying to make a TreeView widget from scratch but haven't gotten really far. I've tried doing some more research on how to get values from a datasource as a ListValue but, to no avail. I'm not even sure on how to approach this as the most basic solutions do not exist in ObjectValue.   My datamodel looks like this:       ReactTreeView.xml:    TreeViewComponent:   console.log(dataSource.items) output: I do not know why but jsonData is a property that does not exist in ObjectValue, only the id property works.  Using put(), get() or trying to do a workaround with mappings do not work for me.  I'm stuck at a roadblock, if anyone knows the answer to this please help.  
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Its not Clear what the problem is here but if you are trying to get the attribute data from a object u can go mxObj.get("attributeName").

PLease note based on the type of returned object it will return wither string integer to bigjs object[float]