Range Slider Reset Issue

Hello everyone, I'm using a range slider widget for filtering purposes. I've set up two fields for the maximum and minimum values to establish the slider's limits, and two other fields for the lower bound (from) and upper bound (to) to capture user input. For example, if the minimum value is 0 and the maximum value is 65.49, and the user sets the lower bound to 15 and the upper bound to 50, everything works fine. However, when I attempt to reset these lower and upper bound values to 0 using a microflow triggered by a button click, the fields' values are updated correctly, but the slider's UI does not reflect these changes. Specifically, the lower bound on the slider shows 0 as expected, but the upper bound displays some other value instead of 0. Has anyone encountered this issue with the range slider? Is there a way to resolve it? I appreciate any suggestions or solutions. Thanks in advance!   Please have a look on this 30 sec video for better understanding..  /file?guid=19703248379868284   Added the configuration image below for the reference >>     
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