Access to offline files in hybrid app

Hi, I'm trying to build an offline app that synchronizes audio files stored in a FileDocuments entities and plays them in a hybrid offline app in phonegap. I got the widget player to work in online mode on android using the standard download url. mx.appUrl + "file?target=window&guid=" + this._contextObj.getGuid()) In offline mode this should point to the stored file on the phones' local filesystem. From the phonegap package bundle.js source I found the following location where files are stored: getDocumentUrlFn: function(fileName, changedDate, isThumb) { var dir = isThumb ? "thumbnails" : "documents"; return documentDirectory + "files/" + dir + "/" + fileName + "?" + (+new Date()); documentDirectory = cordova.file.externalDataDirectory || cordova.file.dataDirectory; Am I searching in the right direction and how can I resolve this local filesystem document url in a widget when I have the FileDocument object available? If this would not work, do you have any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanks in advance! Maarten Nelissen
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