Excel exporter button, CPU overload

In a project we use the excel exporter button on various datagrid forms. We have set the excel exporter to the maximum of 65535 rows. If I use the button twice at the same time (60000 rows) there is a guarantee CPU overload on the server. The database server is calm and there is no problem, but the mendix server exceeds its CPU maximum. Users are not able to log in anymore and the application is very slow or even unusable. This problem happens both in acceptance and production environment, and therefor causes big problems for the day to day operation, since exporting data is not an exception. Is there a solution to decrease the CPU usage on the Excel exporter button. Thank you in advance. (currently the project is in 4.8.8 but we also upgraded to 6.7.1, problem excists in both versions)
2 answers

A solution we use is to not use the export to excel option but instead export to csv. This will allow you to export the data and show it in excel but with a significant lower load.


Other solution (in 6.7.1 that is) is to use an oData Export instead of using "Export to Excel" functionality. (And import the table into Exel using oData feed)

My experience is that when you use "Export to Excel" the function creates the Excel-file is created in the memory of the server before it's downloaded to the client. Causing CPU/Memory issues when tables are too large (many columns).