Chartjs Slice In and slice Out

I have two questions on chartjs functionality, 1. Does the widget support two or three level graph functionality? Like,Available population in Country,State,City. on clilck of country display the states and then cities and so.. with back button to come back to city? 2. Slice in and Slice out functionality for Pie chart breakdown, the way fusion chart does. If both them is not available in current widget, can this be customized?
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  1. The ChartJS widget does not currently support drill-down like you're describing. This is theoretically possible, but ChartJS does not make it easy to capture clicks on specific data points in a chart. It can be done based on this answer on StackOverflow:
  2. I think you mean the way a section of the pie chart is pulled away from the rest of the chart like here: This is not currently a feature of ChartJS as far as I can tell.