Debug IoS hybrid application and problems with UIWebView

Hallo, We are developping a hybrid application with Mendix 6.10 containing a couple of customized widgets. The widgets seem working fine on browser (both Chrome and Safari), on Android, on Ios using the webview UIWebView, but they have problems in Ios with the WKWebView webview.  Thus my main questions are 1) Has anyone good suggestion about how to debug properly? I already tried with weinre but that does not allow me to inspect my javascript code; I also tried to use gapDebug, but any time I change page or press a button I get an error "AppConnection lost". 2) Has anyone had similar experiences developping apps that use the new webview?    I don't know if this can help, but I can quickly describe the two problems I am aware about. Any specific suggestion is also welcome 1) the first widget has a context object an entity of type  file, that is an image; I wan to use it as background of a map built with leafletjs. I am apparently able to retrieve the correct url of the file, but then I am not able to use it at all: the map is not built, and also trying to use the url as a source of an html element of type image fails. In the log file of the ipad I got this warning <Warning>: File Transfer Finished with response code 200.  2) in the second widget I have a canvas html element and I want to retrieve its url. The code is blocked when I call var imageUrl = this.canvas.toDataURL();      Thank you in advance
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If you google on "debug hybrid app ios" you will find various how-to pages. Many of them are based on older iOS versions, so the screenshots will differ, but the general idea is to connect your iPhone to a Mac and then use safari on the Mac to inspect the hybrid app running on your device just like you can inspect HTML elements and sources in Chrome or Firefox.