Which widgets do you consider as exemplary widgets, based on their code quality & functionality?

Just out of curiosity and for learning purposes I would like to know everyone's personal favorite widgets. I'm looking for examples of good code and integration with Mendix.  What I notice is that a lot of widgets in the appstore have their own quirks and often really ugly code. I would like to know about the widgets that should be looked at when you want to know about the best practices. I hope that with this information we can start to establish a guideline on how to code your widgets and also add a section to the Mendix documentation on this topic.   Please supply the following for each widget that you add: - Widget name - Developer name - Good quality of code / Good functionality / Both - Why do you think it is a well coded widget, which lines of code impress you the most? - What do you like about the functionality of the widget?
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