Best practice for collecting geolocation data each 10 seconds

Hi all,     I am wondering what the best practice would be In Mendix for "recording" a custom route by collecting geolocation data each 10 seconds. I know there is a module in appstore "Geolocation for Phonegap" to retrieve geolocation, this could be useful I think.   What are your experiences with: 1 - Collecting geolocation with PhoneGap - Mendix app (general technical usability) ? 2 - Technical implementation (Mendix - phone gap features / Custom java / third party services) to collect geolocation data with an interval? 3 - If I think to PhoneGap - Menddix possibilities, I think to  execute a MF each 10 second when the route is started to collect the  geolocation data. But when there are 1000 users recording simultaneously, this will have a certain negative effect to main performance of the app. How could I manage/tackle this? Any other advices are much appreciated.   Thanks all!   Sinan    
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Hi Sinan,


I have created the Geolocation widget that's in the AppStore and I wrote a blog about my approach on this subject. Perhaps it might be of help:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.