converting full address or postcode into longitude and latitude for google maps

0 I want to achieve the above, however the video URL i pasted is outdated. The widget they use appears to not require any setting up of longitude or latitude it just seems to connect to a full address attribute. The addresses that will be inputted into the datagrid will never be entered using longitude and latitude only address. How is this converted to longitude or latitude? The documentation on the app store isnt enough for me to get this set up. As it stands i just want to be able to click on a record that has an address and to be able to see it on the google map widget. please help!  
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Make your entity a specialization of the GoogleMaps.Location entity and make use of that specific address attribute in there. On this GoogleMaps.Location entity an eventhandler (BCo_Location) is available that  will geocode your address when committing the Location object.

After that, configure the Google Maps widget to be populated with your entity and chose the latitude and longitude attributes that your entity inherits from it's generalizaration, the GoogleMaps.Location entity.