Inputrefselector does not execute the on change and on not found MF when Not Found

Hi   I make use of the add on InputRefSelector to check whether there is an object in DB like filled in. When using the inputrefselector and filling  a value that is found,  the OCH MF works okay when selecting or tabbing it. 1 - But when there is not an existing value found, I expect that the On Not Found MF or On Change MF would be executed, but those are not working. How could this come? Something with the delay which I assumed as Milliseconds (tried different delays though)?     2 - When there is not an existing value found and I tab to the next field, the filled in value is deleted automatically. Why?   Settings: search method: starts-with autocomplete: yes search on empty input: yes searching on empty focus: no delay: 7  
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Both the on change and not found microflows will not trigger due to an error in the widget.

Running the widget in firefox with firebug you'll see an error being thrown when entering a non-existing value:

An error occurred while handling queued requests: is not a function

When a non existing value is entered the widget tries to find the object, as this can't be found the field is cleared. This seems logical as the value entered can't be stored in the association table and should therefore be empty.

For the issue with the non-existing objects I would file a ticket with support.