Calendar Widget wrongly displaying end date as start date on Month view after update

Hi all, We recently upgraded an app from 5.9.1 to 6.9.1 and also updated all the widgets. But, after updating the calendar widget to the latest version, we noticed that the month view started showing "start date - start date" instead of the "start date - end date" it was displaying before the update. However, the day view works fine and displays "start date - end date". The settings we're using are "HH:mm - HH:mm", but we also tried every other combination we could remember (including h:mm{ - h:mm}, which was what was being used in the previous version), but still no luck. Does anyone have this working correctly or if this is a bug in the new version? Thanks Gonçalo
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I haven't been aware of any issues regarding the Calendar widget and start date. I made an update yesterday, fixing some minor issues and implementing the Scheduler. You can find it on Github here. If you run into a bug you could file a ticket at support (as Calendar has extended support and falls under an SLA) or add an issue to Github (which is prioritized and done on the basis of best-effort).

If I have time (limited this week due to documentation updates coming up) I'll see if I can reproduce your issue.