best way to replace legacy layout

I have warning in an App that I use navigation legacy layout. What would be best way to fix this. Just changing into reponsive or should I go other way?  
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This depends so much on the original layout. As a rule of thumb I would say yes, but you certainly have to check all the forms that you have changed to inspect the new layout. So reserve some extra hours when doing the next test round ;)

But if you have time I would start from scratch with a layout of your own. But this means most of the time a complete makeover of the app.





The quickest way is as follow: Design a new page layout and create a temporary blank page for each page. Copy the old content to the new blank temporary page. Copy the original page name and delete the original page. Rename the new page to the old page name. Confirm the remap of the old relations. Unless your old page design is to width for the new page layout it’s simply a question create, copy, paste and delete actions.