Microflow timer is not working properly

Hi All, I am using microflow timer widget in project. In this I am calling an event every minute to show a pop up appointments based on data (similar to pop in personal calender for scheduled meeting). When I start a server local or test, it works for few minutes then it stop automatically. Then I need to refresh page or sometimes needs to restart the server. Could you guys please let me know if I can resolve this issue. Thanks  Abhinay
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Hi Abhinay,


It has been some time sonce I've worked with this widget, but I believe it has to return a 'true' value in order to keep running. Are there ways within your Microflow that might return 'false' as an output boolean?



Rochus is right. The microflow needs to return a 'true' value in order to keep on going. I did have a look at the code and cleaned it up. Version 3.0.0 is going to be released this week. https://github.com/mendix/MicroflowTimer/releases/tag/v3.0.0