Working example of MicroflowTimer widget in AppStore

Does anyone have a working example of the MicroflowTimer widget in the app store? I am struggling to configure it correctly. I have an entity bound to a dataview and add the MicroflowTimer inside the dataview. I get two errors; one saying that I need to pass an object of the same entity type to the microflow that is connected to the timer. The second says I need to return type boolean from the timer microflow, but I fail to see how doing that will update what's in the dataview.  
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For some strange reason you always must pass an object to your microflow even if you do not need it. So just pass the dataview object to the microflow. Not this microflow should return a boolean. So no matter what you do inside the microflow make sure that you return a boolean in this microflow. If you return false the microflow timer will stop, no matter what the setting is in the widget. So depending on your use case return either true of false.

Is this now more clear?