Retrieving obj from microflow in a widget missing parameters

We customized the LoginForm widget and were busy adding a Token for the hybrid app login. To achieve this I call a microflow from the widget which generates the token and stores it server side. I also attempt to save the token on the mobile device. However, the obj I retrieve from the does not have the attribute I set in the microflow.   This is the call:{ params: { applyto: "selection", actionname: this.mfGenerateToken, guids: [this._context.getGuid()] }, callback: dojoLang.hitch(this, function (obj) { this._context.set("TokenToSet", obj[0].jsonData.attributes["TokenToSet"].value); }), error: dojoLang.hitch(this, function (error) { this._loginFailed(); }) });   The object is a non-persistant entity, that gets set in the microflow I call. Does anybody have a hint why I am not able to retrieve the attribute "TokenToSet"
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Please check your security. 

If you don't have access you can not see the data

Please note that this line of code is using the Mendix API

this._context.set("TokenToSet", obj[0].jsonData.attributes["TokenToSet"].value);
// better to use
this._context.set("TokenToSet", obj[0].get("TokenToSet"));