Editable ListView Displaying Search Box?

I have an editable ListView that is displaying a search box.  According to the documentation, search is disabled on editable ListViews.  Before I submit a ticket, I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this. Thanks! Edited after Joels answer: Turns out I can reproduce this.  The scenario is a Listview nested in a Dataview.  See screenshots below: Modeler: Browser: I have just submitted a ticket.
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Indeed, according the documentation the search should be disabled when the property 'editable' is enabled. Beside the documentation I don't find a change in any release notes of each Mendix 6 version. I've tested it in a project of my own which is in Mendix 6.10.2 and Mendix 6.10.3. The behavior of the listview is equal to the documentation. Retrieving the data by database or XPath doesn't change the behavior. 

Some questions:

  • What is your retrieve behavior? XPath or Database?
  • Do you see the search bar in the Modeler on the page to set which attributes must be searched on.


I think you should report the issue at Mendix, but maybe it's difficult to reproduce the issue in a test project.