Can I remove or hide the borders of listview?

I used listview in snippet and group box inside the listview. Now it is showing the listview border outer to the group box. I don't want that border. Can I remove the border?  This is my issue image.
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Most of the built-in themes have a "listview-stylingless" class that you can apply to a list view to remove the borders, background, and padding.

For reference, there are also classes called "listview-lined" and "listview-striped"


You can remove the border by adding style to your page, inline or using CSS/SASS


Try adding the following to your css file:

.listview-noborder .mx-listview-item {
    border: 0;

You can then add the 'listview-noborder' class to the listview to remove the border. 


You can add the class in the properties window when selecting the listview element in your page:

You can add the CSS code to the custom.css file, this is located in the following folder: <your project folder>/theme/styles/css/custom