How to change the number of decimals shown after the decimal point on axes in a barchart in the ChartJs widget

  I've built some microflows to fill the chart JS widget with data, this all works perfectly fine. But in one of the charts, the data on the y-axis represents a number of people. When the number of people is not very big, for example 5,  the chart shows 0.5 , 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 etc.. on the labels on the Y-axis . I think this looks rather sloppy because you're always talking about whole individuals and not about half people. Does anywone know a way to make the widget only show whole numbers on the axis, so numbers withthout decimals after the decimal point? The data type of the number of people is already an integer.
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In the linechart widget (under the data point tab) you can find a option to set the number of decimals to round the value on the Y-axis. (By default it is set on -1 (means disabled). I can, however, not find the same option on the Bar/Stacked Bar chart so maybe you can consider using the line chart instead.