New version of the pivot table and datatables widget and the backup/restore module

Hi,   I will be bringing my old appstore content from a previous employer forward to Mx 6.10.x and preparing them for Mx 7. These are published under my ITvisors Mendix ID. Pivot table widget The first one being the pivot table. Published again under ITvisors. This new release fixes the deprecation messages in the console and it is ready for Mx 7. The demo project is updated too. Please note there was an issue when fitting the widget in a tight spot, resulting in a one pixel horizontal scrollbar. This is fixed too. When you use rotated column headers, please check the updated demo project because you need to use slightly different CSS classes. Data tables widget The data tables widget and the demo project are  ready for Mx 7 too. No widget changes here.  Object backup/restore module The object backup/restore module is ready for Mx 7 as well. Published again under ITvisors. Fixed a few deprecations here.    More widgets to follow!
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