GridView widget not rendering in Mendix 6

Hi Mendix community,   We would like to use the GridView widget in our project but it fail to render. We get " Could not create widget TreeView.widget.GridView " when opening the page.   Is this because the widget is not compatible with mendix 6 or is the another problem?   Best Regards.
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Hi Vincent,


Pressing Ctrl-F5 is a good start to clear it from cache. It should be compatible, I used it in during a demo recently.

However a lot can go wrong during configuration. if you believe you're configuration is fine you should file a support ticket.


The Treeview widget is not compatible with Mendix 6 so you can keep pressing Ctrl-F5.


Could not create widget TreeView.widget.TreeView TypeError: x.entitystyle is undefined

The sample project still contains formloaders that are also pretty deprecated.

This widget is a heavy native dojo widget which is powerful but pretty complex, I would prefer a fresh implementation with just an entity, association and an attribute, should be enough.