Barcode scanner widget does not recognise camera

I have created a mobile app that uses the barcodeScannerForPhonegap widget (version 3.0.1). This works fine testing in development using the mendix developer app. I then proceeded with deploying to the acceptance environment of my cloud slot and created a phonegap package using the default 'build in the cloud' option (android only). The resulting apk file I installed on my android phone but the barcode scanner throws me an error that the camera could not be found. I noticed during installation that no special access was required. This brought me to the androidmanifest file where authorisation requests should be declared. This file is missing from the phonegap package but then again, the phonegap documentation states that it is build by phonegap based on the config file. In the config file the plugin for phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner is present. So, do I need to manually add a manifest.xml to the phonegap package? Or am I missing something else? EDIT 24.02.2017 I overlooked the obvious: My app has an OAuth athentication on Microsoft Azure AD implemented. Which means the callback from Azure is directed at the external browser the request was sent to, and not the app.
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See the sollution here:

It is either this or you need to adapt the config.xml to add the variables for de camera description.