Filter Issue in Mendix Reports

In my Mendix application, i have to use Reports that will have some dropdowns and date pickers to filter the data. For which I am using Report Chart  component inside Report Pane along with filters and using Data Set to write OQL Query  but i was not able to filter the data on the basis of these dropdowns and Date Pickers, everytime it shows complete data instead of filtered data.  My Report is working fine if i use static values for Type_ and InquiryProductType (variables i am using in where clause which i want to be dynamic). But once i use Parameters instead of static value and that parameters value can be changes from filter then my Report is not showing filtered data, it show complete data.  I am hereby sharing screenshots of my Mendix Modeler and code snippets for reference. Kindly help me for the same.    This is the page in which i am using Report Pane having Report Chart, 2 Dropdowns(IP_Type, IP_ProductType) and 1 Date Picker(IP_Date) and 1 Generate Report button.   And my OQL Query which i am using to populate date in Report is :   And my Report Chart Properties is :   Thanks for your valuable time.
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inqProduct/createdDate in $IP_Date  



inqProduct/createdDate >= RANGEBEGIN($IP_Date) and
inqProduct/createdDate <= RANGEEND($IP_Date)