Videos stored in the Mendix Filesystem / Database

Hi, I have been reading lots of forum posts and articles about how to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos in Mendix content. I am looking for a way to upload and playback video that's not linked from an external source. I appreciate I can mark a YouTube video as "Not Listed" etc, but I'm really wanting to host the video internal to the Mendix file system, or database, and show it to users without pulling it from an external URL.  I noticed that this video player may be a starting point: ...but I'm not certain if I'm going down the right road on this one.  Even if I could tweak things so that I could upload a video (in much the same way as Image Uploader), could I play it with that widget, or are there any better alternatives?  It can't be a downloadable video and must play in the browser. I appreciate that bandwidth could be an issue, but leaving that aside, if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Many thanks (once again!) Tarique   EDIT: I think I either need to do a recompile of CKEditor to include HTML5 video plugin (not an expert so not sure!), or use the Microflow insert in CKEditor to put a MF in that could call a video from the library?
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For Java there is a framework to play video:

But you would need to create your own widget around it.




There is already an app that playes video if the file is a Mendix filedocument: