Behavior of commit in Mx7

Hi everyone,   In our widget, we use to commit one object. We use to subcribe to changes of that Object. In Mendix 6.9.1 and previous versions, the callback of the subscription will be called on all changes of the object. However, in Mx7, the callback suddently isn't triggered anymore.   We looked at the result of the commit by using "network" tab in ChromeDeveloper Tool, and saw that there is no "instruction" field there. In other cases, if we open objects by form and used the Save button to commit, the callback is trigged and we see the "instruction" field. So my questions are:   Do you experience the same behavior (the callback of subscription isn't triggered after commiting object by What's the meaning of instruction field? Is it true that if there is no instruction, the callback won't be triggered? (there are some lines about instruction in the release note but not clear to me) Do you have solutions/suggestions to my issue?   Best regards,    
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