Calendar widget mx7 widget error no constructor found for widget

Hi, I tried running the widget in mx v7 and got the 'No constructor found for widget' error. Could you please upgrade it as we need to use it for our project. I have used it previously and its a great widget overall. I have raised it in github and any help would be great. Thanks in advance, Savan
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I tried running it without any other widgets in a clean 7.0.2 project and It worked fine for me.

In the console was a message (debug: true)

mendix.lib.MxObject(MyFirstModule.Task:4222124650659843).get: No attribute 

But no visible problems.


  1. Do you use other widgets?
  2. Did you convert it from 6.x?
  3. Maybe Calendar + scheduler?



Edit 1: you are right, you must the first one to find this. The widget has an error


the line in calendar-scheduler.js

    return declare("calendar.widget.calendar", [calendarWidget], {

must be

    return declare("calendar.widget.calendar-scheduler", [calendarWidget], {

I made a pull request, but in the meantime you could possibly patch the widget yourselves.