Will upgrading to 7.x improve the amount of calls that are sent to the back-end from the browser? On screens with many fields we are seeing performance issues.

Our application has a page with about 10 tabs with a total of 200 fields on the page.  It seems that Mendix is trying to re-fresh the fields and we when we take a look at it from the Browswer debugger (FireBug) we see that there are thousands of Ajax requests that are going off every second such that in a minute we may have over 6 thousand requests.  It's really taxing the browswer and creating performance issues as we add more fields.   Should we upgrade to 7.x ?  Will it help the situation?  Are there any solutions in 6.10.x to fix the problem?  Can we adjust the refresh interval in any case?
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What are the settings of the tabs? Did you turn on Refresh on show? If that is set to yes, it does not matter if you are working in Mx6 or 7. It will try to refresh does objects. You have to ask yourself if this tab should refresh it contents every time you switch to a new tab.