CKEditor on Mendix Cloud not allowing uploads

Hi When I run locally, all is fine, I can use CKEditor to add media content (links to videos!) However, when I deploy to a licenced node, I'm getting JavaScript errors and the OK button just throws an error: plugin.js?t=F969:156 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).oembed is not a function at embedCode (plugin.js?t=F969:156) at textInput.commit (plugin.js?t=F969:330) at CKEDITOR.dialog.eval (widgets.js:12231) at CKEDITOR.dialog.foreach (widgets.js:12230) at CKEDITOR.dialog.commitContent (widgets.js:12231) at CKEDITOR.dialog.<anonymous> (plugin.js?t=F969:1148) at CKEDITOR.dialog.q (widgets.js:11675) at (widgets.js:11677) at button.onClick (widgets.js:12241) at button.eval (widgets.js:12181) at button.q (widgets.js:11675) at (widgets.js:11677) at (widgets.js:12180) at CKEDITOR.dom.element.eval (widgets.js:12172) at CKEDITOR.dom.element.q (widgets.js:11675) at (widgets.js:11677) at HTMLAnchorElement.eval (widgets.js:11715) Pasted as image too - might be clearer: I've tried updating CKEditor to the latest version, but I think I'm doing something fairly basic wrong. I can confirm that it WORKS locally, so not sure what I'm missing. Any and all ideas appreciated. EDIT: Managed to get it to stop working locally, by checking the "Bundle widgets when running locally" check box.  Hopefully I'll get a definitive answer on how to track down the offending widget - any tips appreciated (I'm not convinced it's CKEditor!) Thanks Tarique  
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The main problem we see at support is indeed another widget that causes this. The reason for this is that another widget tries to overwrite jQuery, which seems fine for most widgets. Unfortunately, this means that a plugin like oEmbed will not be loaded.

This issue has come up a couple of times, so I am trying to see if we can remove this dependency somehow, or in a way that does not make it possible for another widget to overwrite jQuery. We encourage widget-builders to rather not use jQuery anyway. (I'm going to remove this from the boilerplate as well)


The issue was solved by Mendix Support.  The issue was another widget (Stripe Client) wasn't working correctly, although we weren't actually using it.  They said:

"Removing the widget StripeClient from the widgets directory resolves this issue."

Sorry this probably won't help many people, however, it does confirm that the issue wasn't with CKEditor, but was in fact with another widget.