noCache option in function is not anymore available in Mx7

Hallo, I noticed that in the documentation of the function the 'noCache' option is not anymore available.  Is there any other way to be sure to retrieve an object (for example using the guid) really from database? I give you an example. Our users work often on two different tabs of the browser, and the changes they do in the first tab can affect the content of the second one; thus in our widgets we have a 'refresh' button, that retrieves the context object of the widget and refreshes the content. Before using with guid = myCOntextObjGuid and noCache = true I was able to retrieve also the changes done in the other tab, but now it seems that this is not anymore working. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance
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That is the result of the new client-side storage. Two browsers have their own local storage, that don't interface or interact. You have to the retrieve the data from database again or create page that offer the same in one browser tab page.