Export the Mendix entity to JSON

Hi All,   I have the convert the Mendix entity data to JSON file. Can you please help as Export mapping only uses Flat JSON structure. Below my JSON structure. { "imt-mnenomic":[ { "code":"", "name":"", "type":"", "4s-sbl-client":[ { "entity":"", "code":"" } ], "mics-outright-client":[ { "account-number":0 } ] } ] } PS: i dont want to create the webservice, just JSON file creation is the target
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With your JSON, you can do the following:
1. Create a JSON structure

2. Create an export mapping, based on the JSON structure

3. Create microflow in which you create a file document (specialization) and use the export activity in which you choose the mapping for export.


After this you can do with it what is needed.